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Reliable Drug Screening & Medical Testing in Columbia, SC

Prioritizing Employee Health & Safety

  • Comprehensive Drug Screening Services - Our drug screening services are designed to ensure a safe and productive workplace. We offer pre-employment drug testing, random drug screenings, and DOT-compliant drug testing solutions. Our certified professionals follow strict protocols to deliver accurate and reliable results.
  • Occupational Health Testing Solutions - Maintaining a healthy workforce is crucial for business success. Our occupational health testing services include pre-employment physicals, job-specific health assessments, and ongoing employee health screenings. We work closely with your organization to understand your unique requirements and develop customized testing programs. We conduct thorough evaluations, ensuring that your employees are fit for duty and can perform their tasks safely and efficiently.
  • DOT Testing and Compliance Services - For businesses operating in transportation and logistics, compliance with DOT regulations is essential. Our DOT testing and compliance services ensure that your company meets all federal and state requirements. We offer DOT physicals, drug screenings, and comprehensive compliance management solutions tailored to your industry's specific needs.
  • Individual Medical Testing Options - In addition to our corporate services, we provide a wide range of individual medical testing options. Whether you need a DNA test, immunizations, or routine blood work, our experienced staff is here to assist you. We prioritize privacy, accuracy, and prompt results, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for individual clients.

Since 1997, our certified woman-owned business has been dedicated to providing quality, affordable, and professional employee health screening and medical testing services in Columbia, SC.

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Our Comprehensive Medical Testing Services


Our pre-employment physicals and job-specific health assessments, ensure your employees are fit for duty and can perform their tasks safely and efficiently. 

Drug Screens

Our certified professionals offer comprehensive drug screening services, including DOT-compliant testing, pre-employment, and random drug screenings. 


Protect your employees' health with our immunization services, including flu shots, hepatitis B vaccines, and more. 

DNA Testing

Get reliable and affordable DNA testing services with quick turnaround times for paternity, maternity, and legal testing. 

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For Businesses

We offer comprehensive occupational health testing and employee screening services in Columbia, SC, including DOT drug and alcohol testing, DOT physicals, pre-employment physicals, and full-service drug screening solutions tailored to your business needs. 

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For Individuals

Have unanswered questions? Need legal documentation? We provide reliable individual medical testing services in Columbia, SC, including drug screenings, DNA testing, immunizations, and lab studies to meet your personal health needs.

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