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DOT-Compliant Physical Exams for Commercial Drivers

For those seeking employment in South Carolina where the Department of Transportation requires your desired new employer to have each new prospective employee undergo an approved DOT physical exam, MEDS (Midland's Exam & Drug Screen) provides the most comprehensive and qualifiable commercial driver physicals in Columbia. These evaluations required by the state of SC DOT usually assess things such as a driver's medical history, vision, hearing, blood pressure, respiratory system, and physical attributes. At Midland's Exams & Drug Screening, we specialize in providing top-quality exam and testing services tailored to meet employment requirements.

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DOT Physicals: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Designated as "safety-sensitive" by the SCDOT, employees in roles impacting their own and public safety, such as professional drivers of commercial vehicles weighing over five tons, undergo DOT physicals. These examinations adhere to stringent guidelines mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), guaranteeing that commercial drivers and other safety-sensitive employees maintain optimal health to perform their essential job duties safely.

DOT physicals encompass 4 primary required tests and measurements, including:

  1. Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate: Examination and recording of blood pressure and pulse to detect high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.
  2. Urinalysis: Analysis of urine samples to identify potential underlying medical conditions like diabetes.
  3. Vision Test: Requirement for drivers to possess at least 20/40 acuity in each eye, with or without correction, and a minimum of 70" peripheral vision in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye.
  4. Hearing Test: Evaluation of the ability to perceive a "forced whisper" at a distance of 5ft or less, with or without without a hearing aid, ensuring average hearing loss in the better ear is less than 40 dB.

Drivers may receive medical clearance for up to two years, with exceptions based on factors such as blood pressure and glucose levels. When in need of a DOT physical exam in Columbia, trust our Midland's Exams locations in Columbia and West Columbia for comprehensive and reliable services.

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